Our Services.

Marketing Communications

Are you looking to consolidate the marketing communications aspect of your business? Sonya Cassidy PR can help you develop the ultimate marketing strategy that will best suit demands. We can create, implement and evaluate marketing plans to drive positive results.


Sonya Cassidy PR is on hand to offer publicity based services, such as the creation and development of planned messages combined with the implementation of publicity tactics that generate media attention and also create better public perception of products and services. Used effectively, publicity can increase visibility and raise the profile of your brand, as well as building community and media relations.

Crisis Management

With experience and extensive knowledge of various industry sectors, Sonya Cassidy PR designs and executes crisis management plans. We can provide you with crisis communications planning, crisis response and crisis recovery.

Presentation Training

Many surveys report that one of our greatest fears in life is public speaking. But it really need not be this terrifying. With our presentation skills training we have seen even the most nervous of delegates transformed into strong and credible presenters. Aimed at those who make formal or informal presentations in front of groups, Sonya Cassidy PR designs and delivers bespoke courses that help develop the ability to get your message across in a dynamic and effective way.


Sonya Cassidy PR can help from the event concept right through to execution. Whether you need support for a corporate launch event, or assistance with a press announcement, you can count on us to plan right down to the very last detail.

Digital Marketing

Organisations – and the agencies that support their communications – are becoming more comfortable with the opportunities provided by the use of digital media channels, and consequently are also becoming more sophisticated in the way in which they plan and execute digital programmes. Having an effective presence online is now essential for business. Whether you need to grow sales and leads, train your team in digital marketing or boost your brand profile through social media, Sonya Cassidy PR can help.