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Dear John Smith

for joining Business First Network with me

I want to take this opportunity to welcome you on board and look forward to helping you build and protect your business along with saving you money!

This is how to get the best from your Business First Network Membership, your membership details if you have not received them already will be arriving in the post within the next 10-14 day.

In this pack you will receive

Your Membership number

Your Membership Card

Incorporating your Membership Plus card, which is a members loyalty scheme.

You will also receive a confirmation email from our Support Team registering you for our Business First Directory. From there you will be able to create your own profile and choose your relevant category to make the most of your membership.

See attached Business First Network Legal Advice & Document Access and also a list of all contact details for the benefit partners for your convenience.

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For All Business Owners

Legal and Tax Advice can be accessed on 0344 893 0993.
Counselling advice can be accessed on 0344 893 9012.
(Please make a note of your case number and always quote to ensure continuity of service)

Document Service

Re Log in for access to BFN document resource provided by DAS

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You will need your - Policy Number - TT8/6807580.
                                      Voucher Code: - BFN6807580
                                      (These can also be found in the policy document in your pack)

On first logging in you will be prompted to register. Complete the registration process, including creating: Username & Password.
(You will also need your voucher code and Policy Number as part of your registration process.)

Once you have registered you will be able to log in at any time.

This will give you access to the document resource and allow you to access the business law guide and to create and manage your documents..

Tip: Go to Business Law Guide and subscribe to the Monthly Bulletin to be kept up to date with topical law issues and changing legislation.

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Tip: Many of the documents are free but bespoke documents will be listed at full retail price (except employment agreements etc.)

The BFN 40% discount on all documents and legal review will be calculated when you proceed to Check-out you will need to use your Voucher Code BFN6807580 to confirm this. NB if you do not use your Voucher Code you will be charged the full price.

For Employers

To download your Employment Manual (select Employment Manual)

Visit Site

You can download or print any of the sections in the Employment Manual

Tip: Email DAS from your own email address quoting the
Policy Number TT8/6807580 and you will receive email updates on employment information. See DAS law for mock employment tribunal.

Email Das  View Mock

Telephone Numbers for Benefit Partners
Service Provider Telephone number
Legal and Tax Advice (24/7) 0344 893 0993
Employment Dispute Protection (24/7) 0344 893 0993
Tax Protection (24/7) 0344 893 0993
Legal Protection (24/7) 0344 893 0993
Business First Network 0800 470 4711
Membership Plus 0800 470 4712
Workplace Pension Scheme 0800 470 4713
Business Insurance 0800 470 4714
Card Payment Processing 800 470 4715
Telecommunications and It Services 0800 470 4716
Private Medical Care 0800 470 4717
Finance for Business 0800 470 4718
Independent Financial Advice 0800 470 4719
Database Services 0800 470 4720
Print & Post 0800 470 4721
B2B Networking 0800 470 4722
Gas and Electricity 0800 470 4723
Online Payroll 0800 470 4724
B2B On Line Directory 0800 470 4725
Membership Partner name Michael Osborne
Membership Partner telephone number 07703599908

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