Commercial customers

Whether you are managing an existing site, or starting a new development, Knotweed NI can help you plan your way forward, and offer you the reassurance of a site free from the hazards associated with Japanese Knotweed.
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Site visits

We will be delighted to carry out a survey of your site, after which we will be able to advise you of the presence, or otherwise, of Japanese Knotweed (and other invasive species).

New developments

Many developers have employed us to produce a report prior to work commencing on a site. This prevents the possibility of a small infestation being made much worse by the movement of soil from one part of the site to another, spreading the Japanese Knotweed rhizomes more widely.

If we do find Japanese Knotweed on your site, we will produce a detailed report on the best treatment options. In many cases, developers don’t have the luxury of waiting for chemical treatment to be effective, and are able to offer alternative solutions. Once treatment is complete, we will supply you with a Certificate of Clearance.

If we don’t find Japanese Knotweed on your site, we can provide you with the comfort of a certificate stating this - invaluable evidence to lenders that the site is clear.

Existing developments

Japanese Knotweed on existing properties presents special problems as often the roots are intertwined with existing infrastructure. Knotweed NI can assess this for you and provide you with a detailed report, outlining the measures needed to make your site free of Japanese Knotweed.

Want to know more about Japanese Knotweed - and other invasive species?
We have prepared a short presentation to tell you more about the service we offer, and would be happy to share this with you.
If you are interested in seeing this presentation, please contact us.