Customer Survey


1. Client Name

2. Company name

3. How happy were you with your finished product?

4. How well does the finished product meet your initial brief?

5. How world you rate us in the following criteria:

Project Management

Understanding your brief


Technical Knowledge

Delivery time

Budget management

Deploying your brief creatively into a fully functional website

6. What factors influenced you to decided to work with 3Sixty/TTL to create your new website?

8. Would you consider using us again?

10. Would you recommend us to a friend/colleague?

10(a). If yes, would you be open to us contacting you in the next couple of weeks to identify any opportunities?

7. Which of the following words/terms best describe 3Sixty/TTL and the services we provide?

9. Have you had any feedback from your target audience?

11. Was the process as you and your colleagues expected it to be?

12. And, finally - please add any further comments